Thursday, August 9, 2012

Good morning, Today I have this great tag that I made for a swap over at the theme was Twilight w/ Twist. and The color we were to use were red, black, and white. we also could not use the main characters of the movie so that meant NO Bella, Edward, or Jacob. So I chose Mary Alice or Alice most people know her as. What i did is use smooch in white to color her face and gold to do her eyes and of course red to do her lips.  I used red trim and red ribbon for her dress and then some bling as her necklace. I had some black rose trim and cut a piece to use as he hair piece, and use red rosette trim for the top. I used tulle for the ribbon. On the other side I use a piece of printed Acetate with a brad so that it will spin up. on there i have some flourish stickers and some flat back pearl type things. once that is flipped up there is a velvet paper with some more flourish and some flat back black bling, I also used some more of that black rosette trim on the corner with some pearl things sticking up with some more tulle. I will be adding all of Mary Alice's stats there. Like when she was bitten and the age she was before getting bitten and why she was bitten. also I will put her Vampire Husbands name. I hope you all like it!  TFL!

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  1. Wow!!! I really like this. Especially with the acetate designed pieces added.